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Why is Nature Gardening important?


How we manage the environment determines the world that future generations will inherit.  By creating diverse resilient ecosystems on the lands we inhabit, we ensure health, prosperiety, and abundance, perpetually. 


Posterity for future generations.


When working in harmony with nature there is no need nor use for fertilizers and agrochemicals.  Water, sunlight, minerals, and living organisms cycle nutrients and build fertility.  Agricultural chemicals damage these cycles and harm the micro and macro-organisms that enable them.

Nature uses no fertilizer.


Humans have the ability to create and manifest landscapes.


The roads, buildings, landscapes, and deserts we create are a testament to this.  When looking around it is hard not to be in awe of our impact on the landscape.  Fortunately this ability can also be used to restrore and revitalize natural systems.




Nature is perpetually fertile and productive.

All of the ecosystems that have ever existed on planet earth are a result of nature's cycles.  Life is always growing, always enchancing.  All of the soils, biomass, and human health and prosperity is the result of the processes of nature.


When humans and nature form a partnership, imagination is the only limit of their potential.